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[Updated 2017-08-28]

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Suncoast Chapter Meeting Minutes for February 08, 2018

AIBD Suncoast Chapter

February 8, 2018

Meeting called to order at 11:59 a.m. by Renato Carotti (Secretary).

AIBD officers:

Chair, Jenni Lewis, Dreamcatcher Building Designs (Absent)

Vice Chair, Paul Glaser, Glaser Designs

Secretary, Renato Carotti, Carotti Engineering

AIBD members present:

Doug Shepard – Final Draft

NON-AIBD Members present:

Kristen Bryant – Carotti Engineering

Terry Zimmerman – Coker/Zimmerman Drafting & Design


  • Kristen followed up on where AIBD is at with getting us a Facebook page. (We are still waiting)
  • Doug mention would like to see a presentation on copy right laws (on AIBD website the link it not working).
  • How else can we get more people to our meeting and join our chapter?
  • Rob Click with Icynene presentation was from 12:02 – 12:57
    • Icynene does not go through a distributing place to keep better control on only licensed contractors using their product.
    • Icynene uses water blown agent so there is no chemicals in their installations.
    • It is flexible
    • Ignition Barrier can be used to attics if not made for storage.
    • It will not adhere to stucco.
    • Use High Density foam for roofing.
    • Open and Closed spray foams are compatible. (They will adhere to each other)
    • It is fire resistant
    • Helps eliminate noise
    • Retro is removing what is already there to put in spray foam
    • Needs open wall cavity to spray
    • Open Spray foam
      • More cost effective 1 set covers 20,000 board feet
      • Open spray foam has low density and sprays only ½ pound per cubic foot. (Because it expands)
      • Florida uses mostly open spray foam because closed is water proof and can lead to mold if the water cannot drain.
      • Manley used for Interior of building and flat roofs.
      • You want a minimum of 3 inches of thickness
    • Close Spray Foam
      • 1 set covers 5,000 board feet
      • Close Spray foam has a medium density and sprays 2 pounds per cubic foot. (It does not expand)
      • Improves integrity
      • Closed foam is waterproof
      • Good for wine room because of the vapor seal
      • It can be used on the exterior of a building
      • You want a minimum of 1 inch of thickness
  • Start thinking about who will be your new leaders!
    • April – will be the nominations for new officers
    • May – will be the voting of new officers
    • June – Old & New officers work together on the monthly meeting
    • July – New officers take over meeting and planning.

Congratulation to Terry Zimmerman for winner the complimentary membership for AIBD for February!

Meeting adjourned by Ren Carotti at 1:09 pm.


Next Meeting:

March 8th – Robert from Tubular Skylight – on their product.

April 12th – Jon Levey from Simpson Strong Tie – on    Shearwall Design with the 2015 AWC Special Design Provisions Wind & Seismic (1.5 hours)

The IBC requires shearwall design now follow the 2015 ANSI/AWC SDPWS. This course will familiarize structural engineers with the design requirements of this standard and how they have changed from previous versions. We will go into depth on the capacity reductions requirements for shearwalls with aspect ratios greater than 2:1 – which happens often in modern design. Also, each of the (3) design methods will be covered: segmented, perforated, and force transfer for site-built wood shearwalls.

May 10th – Jimmy Holmes from PLIDEK – on waterproofing solutions.

***Bring someone with you! ***      *** Invite people! ***      *** Let’s grow our chapter! ***

When everyone’s membership expires… 

  • 01-31-18 – Mary Tracy
  • 02-28-18 – Stephen Lewis, Doug Shepard
  • 03-31-18 – Dale Lewis, Joseph Mareci, Renato Carotti
  • 04-30-18 – Jon Levey, Steve Johnson
  • 05-31-18
  • 06-30-18
  • 07-31-18 – Paul Glaser
  • 08-31-18
  • 09-30-18
  • 10-31-18 – Kevin Lovley
  • 11-30-18 – Joyce Poelsma
  • 12-31-18