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5 Ways to Arrange Living Room Furniture (Infographic)

SOURCE: www.LotPlans.com (reprinted by permission)

When it comes to arranging furniture, the cliche of “Form follows function” rings true: Rather than choosing a living room layout visually, and trying to work around it, think about what “living” means in your home, and arrange furniture based on those activities. Style can be fit to any arrangement. Whether your priority is play space for the kids, guests, or the tv, this handy guide from FurnishedUp shows how to arrange the most common living room furniture for maximum flow and balance.

About the contributor: Ramin Ghaneeian is co-founder of Lot Plans, a community with thousands of quality pre-drawn Architectural house plans that are ready to build. To contact them about becoming a part of their network of designers, to read more of their educational blog posts, or to search through their library of home plans, visit www.LotPlans.com