Suncoast Chapter Meeting Minutes for November 09, 2017


AIBD Suncoast Chapter

November 09th, 2017


Meeting called to order at 11:53 a.m. by Jenni Lewis (Chair).


Chapter officers:

Chair, Jenni Lewis, Dreamcatcher Building Designs

Vice Chair, Paul Glaser, Glaser Designs

Secretary, Renato Carotti, Carotti Engineering


AIBD members present:

Joyce Poelsma


NON-AIBD Members present:

Kristen Bryant – Carotti Engineering





  • Jenni introduced Mike Stram from Easy Living
  • Mike presentation went from11:56 am to 1:13 pm.
  • Mike talked about how setting up you home to have better technology in the future.



Next Meeting:


Our presenter for December’s meeting on Thursday the 14th, 2017 is New Building Codes presented by Renato Carotti with Carotti Engineering.  He will have 3 sets of significant changes to Florida building Code (Florida Building Code, Building, and Residential) to give away!


January 11th – Meeting to set goals and what we want to as a chapter.


February 8th – Robert Click from Icynene – on spray foam.


March 8th – Robert from Tubular Skylight – on their product.



Meeting adjourned by Jenni Lewis-Boucher at 1:19 pm.


***Bring someone with you! ***      *** Invite people! ***      *** Let’s grow our chapter! ***