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November 28, 2011. What’s happening this week?

…A meeting with Professional Trade Publications:

Today, AIBD Executive Director, Steve Mickley, is meeting with Bent Mikkelsen, the owner, and Sherry Boyd, marketing director, of the Concrete Decor Show and Concrete Decor magazine. Last month, the House of Delegates approved a reciprocal agreement between AIBD and PTP creating a strategic partnership. Today’s meeting will put into motion the details finalizing the arrangement and planning for a formal announcement at the Concrete Decor Show in San Antonio, TX the week of February 20-24, 2012.

The goals set forth in the alliance agreement include promoting awareness of each other’s primary events through PTP’s publications, AIBD’s QuarterScale and each’s websites. In addition, AIBD will be provided meeting and exhibit space at the Concrete Decor show.

Most notably, AIBD will work with PTP to develop an awards program in conjunction with the American Residential Design Awards to recognize excellence and innovation in the use of concrete technology, materials and methods that provide superior green benefits.

For more information on PTP:


…Planning for 2012:

Strategic planning determines the direction of an organization for the next year or more and at least two AIBD societies have scheduled their 2012 planning sessions for this Saturday. The Ohio Society is meeting in Delaware, OH and the Florida Society in Orlando, FL.

In addition, the national Board of Directors will soon begin their strategic planning process with the goal of presenting their final plan for 2012 at the Midyear Conference scheduled for February 9 & 10 in Orlando, FL.


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