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December 26, 2011. What’s happening @AIBD_national?

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…Continuing Education Q&A

AIBD Professional Members and Certified Professional members must report 8.0 Continuing Education Credits each year to maintain their professional and certified status. If you’re working on completing your CEs for 2011, here are some answers to questions you may have.

How do I know how many CE credits I have?

There are a few ways to accomplish this.

  • You can log into your account at and click on the “My CE Credits and Certification” tab along the top of the page. Then scroll down to your personal CE transcript. There you will find the events the AIBD national office has credited to your account.
  • While logged into www.AIBDmember.og, you can verify your annual CE numerical value by clicking “Member Search” on the left side of the page and searching for yourself. There you will find your “Prior Year” and “Current Year” credits. Sometimes the current year number in your transcript doesn’t match your numerical value, usually that is because credits in your current year may have been applied to your prior year, if you didn’t fully complete that year. The other reason may be because all the reporting is done manually by a staff member and a mistake may have been made. If you think that is the case, please use the next method.
  • Contact the AIBD national office by writing or calling 1-800-366-2423.

How do I get credit for educational events?

There are two elements to the reporting process, (1) a CE reporting form and (2) proof of attendance or completion.

In either case, please follow the instructions on both forms in order to get your CE reporting to the right staff member at AIBD. In every case, any staff member can help you research your account, but usually only one staff member is in charge of recording your credits. Please don’t count on someone else to forward this very important information on your behalf by sending your CE forms to a staff member’s personal email.

Why can’t I see my credits post to my account right when I submit them?

Primarily, that is because all CE credits are reviewed for policy compliance before the credits are formally granted. Any CE reports that aren’t specifically addressed in the CE policy must be reviewed by the Education Committee; which meets monthly. Many times a member waits until it is time to renew their membership before compiling and reporting the past year of educational events. When this happens, the one staff member responsible for recording your education may need more time to process all the requests, depending on the number of members who have an anniversary that month. We appreciate when members report their education shortly after having attended an event. This helps spread the reporting effort evenly throughout the year.

What can I use as proof of attendance?

Most commonly, a CE provider will provide some type of certificate of completion but sometimes they don’t. When that happens, there are a few ways you can help us verify your attendance.

  • You can print out a CE form and take it with you to the event. On the form, there is a space for the presenter to print their name (you can do this for them in advance) and sign the form verifying your attendance. Many times, when you attend sessions at a conference, concurrent classes are offered and verification of which classes you attended could be difficult. This method works well in that case.
  • If you attended an online course, most webinar software automatically sends out an email thanking you for your attendance. Print this email and submit it with a CE form.
  • You can contact the registrar of the program and ask them to send you an email verifying that you attended the session. Print this email and submit it with a CE form.

Historically, other forms of verification have been accepted, such as a photograph of the member attending the event. This is a bit unusual, but when forwarded to the Education Committee, even the unusual, when well documented, can be approved.

How are architectural tours handled?

Architectural tours are required by policy to be reviewed and approved by the Education Committee on a case-by-case basis. Because of this, the committee requests that detailed information about the tour be provided along with a CE form. For example, was the tour guided by a docent or self-guided? What was the learning objective of the tour? How can you apply the information provided to your business or career? What ideas did you learn that will be helpful? Do you feel the architecture was poorly done and why? Any information other than just the subject and length of the tour helps you to earn maximum credits for architectural tours.

Any other questions?

If you have more questions about continuing education, feel free to contact the national office directly by writing or calling 1-800-366-2423. You can also write the Education Committee directly at

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