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August 20, 2012. What’s Happening @AIBD_national?

Dunleith Mansion

…An old tradition is revived in the Gulf.


The Louisiana and Mississippi Societies have announced a joint convention to be held in Natchez, MS, October 26-28, 2012. Beginning with a welcome reception at the historic Eola Hotel and closing with a Sunday brunch at the Dunleith Mansion, the conference features classical architecture lectures, a walking tour of Natchez and a dinner at Monmouth Plantation. “This is a joint endeavor of the MS and LA societies to bring back from the past a very rewarding get together of brilliant designers to share their knowledge with each other.” says MS President Vaughn Lauban. “We did this in the past and it took hold so well that Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina soon joined in and the meeting became the Southeastern AIBD convention.”

To view the full schedule or to register CLICK HERE.


…Reviewing the IRC.


In its monthly meeting last week, the Regulatory and Advocacy Committee composed a plan to review the IRC and evaluate the need to propose code amendments in the upcoming 2015 cycle which starts in January 2013.

In an attempt to provide visual evidence of the high percentage of residential design performed by unregistered building designers, a matrix of states showing which ones have licensing laws exempting one and two family dwellings will be assembled by the committee. Those attending agreed, one of the primary missions of the IRC is to provide a reference for unlicensed designers to use for acceptable standards in residential building design.  It has been set up with tables and prescriptive information to illustrate minimum performance standards.  Presumably this has been done in response to the understanding that most residential buildings are designed by unlicensed designers.  In light of that, the committee will be looking at the language in R106 to insure this common practice is best represented.  

At their September 10th meeting, the committee will be reviewing specific code revisions to the IECC and IRC energy requirements to facilitate this, and speed up the cycle, a webinar on the topic is to be offered in the next 2 weeks and results from this webinar will be used to craft proposed code changes. Watch your inbox for more information on the scheduling of the webinar.

Participating in the building code development is one of the most important duties of the Institute and it takes a number of volunteers to successfully represent the industry in this capacity. If you are interested in being a part of the process please contact the AIBD National Office by writing


…Improving our communications.


After a short break to attend the AIBD National Convention, Western District Director David Ludwig is gearing up the Communications Division again starting with the Marketing Committee. Among other agenda items, this Thursday afternoon the Committee will be finalizing the plans to launch an industry wide survey to learn more about the interests and goals of design professionals. Corporate member Whirlpool Corporation, through its subsidiary KitchenAid, will be giving away one 5-speed hand mixer at the end of the survey. Watch for your email invitation to complete the survey and enter the drawing.

In addition, the group will be discussing digital marketing plans designed to better communicate to the existing AIBD members, to the industry and to increase awareness among the consumers. The Committee is comprised of a leader from each of the Institute’s Councils and at large volunteers. Anyone interested in participating should contact the AIBD National Office by writing