July 16, 2012. What’s Happening @AIBD_national?

Ron Globke

…At least one building designer is seeing recovery.

MIDDLETOWN JOURNAL — AIBD Professional member, Ron Globke, is seeing the housing market regain some strength and that is good news for his business. The owner of Sensible Home Design struggled like most businesses with the economic downturn in 2008, but he weathered the storm and feels he is stronger for it.

How are things in your area? Feel free to comment below. Read the entire Middletown Journal article on Ron by CLICKING HERE.


…A free webinar.

Attend Improving Occupant Comfort and Building Performance with Motorized Screens and learn about the sustainable deliverables of motorized retractable screen systems from occupant comfort to improved building performance. Gain practical “how to” knowledge on integrating retractable solutions into various project applications. This course covers the sustainable benefits & project applications of recessed motorized screens systems. Participants will also be guided through the structural, electrical and installation requirements of these systems.

Date & Time: Wednesday, July 18, 4pm to 5pm.
Register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/267399241


…NCBDC seeks Examiners.

The NCBDC Board of Examiners is seeking to fill some empty positions when they meet at the AIBD National Convention, August 5th. If you are a CPBD, you should receive a personal invitation today along with links to the application, the list of required qualifications and a descriptions of the duties. If you don’t receive the email and you have been certified for more than one-year, contact the AIBD national office for more information and to apply.


…Ashford radio interview and IBS meeting.

AIBD Executive Director, Steve Mickley, is scheduled to be interviewed by Ashford Radio (http://www.ashfordradio.com/) on Wednesday morning. He is scheduled to discuss the Institute’s Guide to Residential Design Specialists, a 12-page booklet published by AIBD to help consumers through the process of designing a new home or addition. (http://www.aibd.org/publications/order_a_free_guide.php)

After the interview, Steve will be meeting with National Association of Home Builders staff members to discuss the potential of a live design competition hosted at the NAHB’s International Building Show. Next Friday, the AIBD Florida Society will be hosting the 10th annual Concept Awards in Orlando Florida at the SEBC conference. (See important dates below) Over the past decade, AIBD has hosted 25 live design competitions at the Traditional Building Show, JLC Live, the Remodeling Show, and an Alabama HBA show.


Important Dates…

  • July 18 – Improving Occupant Comfort & Building Performance with Motorized Screens – a webinar presented by Phantom Screens (4pm to 5pm ET). Register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/267399241.
  • July 26 – AIBD Florida Society Design & Building Industry Mixer. For more information: design@canin.com.
  • July 26 – AIBD Michigan Society general membership meeting and edcuational event. For more information: resslerdesign@comcast.net.
  • July 26 & 28 – The 10th Annual Concept Awards @ SEBC: www.theauroras.com 
  • August 5-9 – The AIBD National Convention in Wilmington, NC. Info: www.AIBDconvention.com
  • August 18 – AIBD Ohio Society general membership meeting and educational event. For more information: Rich@RNRDesigns.com. 

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