February 13, 2012. What’s happening @AIBD_national?

…NCBDC chooses ANSI accreditation path. 

At its annual meeting last Thursday, the NCBDC Board of Examiners voted to approve the goal of seeking the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) personal certification program accreditation. “The first step is to develop a detailed plan.” said Executive Director, Steve Mickley. “This will be at least a three to five year objective.” He added. Board Secretary/Treasurer, Bruce Yancey agreed, “It will take an enormous amount of work by the Board but will be worth the effort.” 

ANSI began accrediting personal certification programs in 2005 and since has recognized only 35 certification programs. Steve Mickley attended a workshop presented by ANSI this past November and will be using the detailed information provided during the two days of instruction to guide the Examiners through this monumental endeavor. 


…Presenting, the 2012 strategic plan. 

The Board of Directors has completed an overhaul of the AIBD Strategic Development Plan (SDP). A month of conference calls concluded with a four hour face-to-face planning session this past Thursday at the AIBD midyear meeting. “The results…are a more focused direction.” says AIBD President, Dan Sater, while presenting the SDP to the House of Delegates on Friday. Dan explained how our Kellen Company consultants pointed out the absence of a Vision Statement in our planning. “A vision helps us better clarify our mission.” Dan concluded. 

AIBD Vision Statement: To be the premier voice and education provider for the residential design profession.

AIBD Mission Statement: To enhance, develop, educate and promote the value of the residential design professional.

Continuing, Dan highlighted the plan’s four Strategic Objectives and pointed out the list is to be used as a guide when boards and committees, both national and regional, make decisions and recommendations.

Strategic Objectives 

Governance, Operations and Structure: Ensure that AIBD governance and operating structures achieve Board effectiveness, Board transparency and member involvement. 

Member Value: Develop and implement a member retention and recruitment plan, focused on adding tangible value to the members that will result in 50 new members and 90% retention rate for 2012-2013. 

Communications: Develop and implement a structured communications program that regularly informs members and stakeholders about AIBD initiatives, events, positions, issues and accomplishments; and that guides public relations programs on behalf of AIBD. 

Education and Certification: Develop and implement a plan to create awareness for AIBD’s education offerings and to promote the value of NCBDC certification.

To view the entire SDP, visit www.AIBDmember.org/2012SDP.pdf


…The Delegates have decided. 

At their midyear meeting last Friday, the AIBD House of Delegates officially waived the $45 initiation fee for new membership applicants during the month of May and June, 2012. Moved by the Membership Committee chairperson, Richard Emigh, the measure will help supplement the annual membership drive held during the same months. 

Thank you AIBD members for taking time last week to evaluate the list of potential 2015 AIBD convention locations. Using the results of the evaluations, the Delegates chose Rhode Island as the host state of the 2015 AIBD National Convention. It will be the first time in a decade the convention has not been located in a state with an active AIBD society. However, sandwiched between the Connecticut Society and the Northeast Society, the venue has the opportunity of having two “co-host” societies. 

Other locations yielding high evaluations were Boulder/Denver, CO, San Antonio, TX, and New Orleans, LA. These cities will be carried forward and included as candidates for the 2016 convention.

Other future convention sites that have been chosen include: 

2012 – Wilmington, NC (August 5-8, 2012)

2013 – California (Pasadena is being researched)

2014 – Columbus, OH 


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