January 9, 2012. What’s happening @AIBD_national?

…The transition begins.

Last week, AIBD President, Dan Sater, executed an agreement with Kellen Companies, an association management company, and this week begins the transition. The target date for the transition from and AIBD staffed office into the Kellen office is February 1, 2012.

The new AIBD administrative team will include our present Executive Director, Steve Mickley, and our present Staff Associate, Whit Peterson. In addition, joining the AIBD staff will be a group vice president, a general manager, a controller, a technical services rep (building codes and standards), a second staff associate, a receptionist, a chief financial officer, one interactive and one creative person (these two will serve as our website and PR team), an IT staff person, and finally, a meeting planner (to coordinate the two AIBD national meetings, the two NCBDC examiner meetings, and each of the NCBDC exams held nationally). Exactly who will fill all these positions will be established this week but some positions may change after the transition.

A formal announcement of the office relocation will be sent to everyone in our database when the target date becomes final.


…Strategic planning.

The national Board of Directors is holding a virtual meeting tomorrow to work on completing the 2012 Strategic Development Plan (SDP). The prospects of hiring the Kellen Company caused the board to delay the process which is normally completed by the end of the year. However, a finalized plan is still scheduled to be made available to the House of Delegates when they meet for the regularly scheduled midyear meeting on February 10th.

Once completed and presented to the House of Delegates, the plan will be made available to the general membership via a link from www.AIBDmember.org. The SDP highlights the mission and vision of the organization, its strengths, weaknesses, assets, threats and goes into detail establishing long term and short term objectives.

To download the 2011 Strategic Development Plan, visit: www.AIBDMember.org/2011SDP.pdf

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