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February 2, 2015. What’s happening @AIBD_National?

The AIBD national office is relocating.

The American Institute of Building Design is setting up a new office and rebuilding its staff, who will be paid by and responsible to AIBD for all of the day-to-day operations. For the past two years, AIBD has contracted with the Kellen Company, an international association management company, for those services. On Saturday, Kellen’s contract ended and the AIBD moving truck was on the road.

  • As always, our toll-free phone number is: (800) 366-AIBD (2423)
  • Just as before, our email address is: info@AIBD.org
  • Our new mailing address is: 7059 Blair Road NW, Suite 400, Washington DC 20012
  • Our new local phone number is: (202) 750-4900

During Kellen’s management, Steve Mickley remained the only official AIBD employee and he is continuing as the Institute’s chief staff officer, overseeing the relocation. Today and tomorrow the truck will be emptied, the computers, phones, networks, printers, and other office functions will re-established. Currently, the national phone numbers and email addresses are active. However, it may be Wednesday before Steve and his new office administrator are able to access the messages and return your calls and emails.

Joining AIBD and filling the position of office administrator, is Eric Nielsen. Eric studied at St. John’s College in Oxford, England and graduated with a degree in English Literature from one of the top 50 liberal arts schools in the country, Sewanee: The University of the South. Steve and Eric are looking forward to serving the newly refreshed AIBD as it represents the industry of professionals who design more than half a million single-family homes each year.


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AIBD Professional members gain voting power.

By: Viki Wooster, CPBD, Immediate Past President and Nominating Committee Chairperson.

As AIBD President David Pillsbury announced in the Monday Minute of January 26 (http://www.aibd.org/mondayminute/?p=2166), historic changes were made at the January 23 meeting of the Board of Directors and House of Delegates.

The House of Delegates has been disbanded and the responsibility for electing the Board of Directors, as well as the opportunity to serve on the Board, now belongs to our Professional members.  Yes, that means you!

In the coming weeks the Monday Minute will post information about the annual election, the new voting procedures, and how you can be nominated for, or throw your hat in the ring for, a position on the Board of Directors, now AIBD’s sole governing body.

Stay tuned for more on the new opportunities awaiting AIBD’s Professional members.


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First Tuesday @ 2:00 program postponed.

This month’s presenter has been involved in an automobile accident and is recovering nicely. However, this incident in conjunction with the relocation of the nation office has made it difficult to find a new guest and topic to discuss. Please continue to monitor the MondayMINUTE for an announcement to register and attend next month’s First Tuesday @ 2:00 (p.m. ET).


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More events ahead.

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Member renewal