April 7, 2014. What’s happening @AIBD_National?

Win a Presidential Suite upgrade at #AIBD2014.

July 28 – August 1, 2014

Be the talk of the convention, throw a party, stretch out, but first, register for iCORD, the AIBD annual convention, by April 30th! By doing so, you receive the early bird registration discount ($20 or more) and be automatically entered into a drawing for an upgrade to the Hilton Columbus Downtown’s Presidential Suite. One lucky attendee will be spoiled in a luxurious, contemporary suite relaxing in a cozy bathrobe in the spacious separate living area; all at the already discounted AIBD group rate. The winner will be chosen during the May 6th First Tuesday @ 2:00 program.

For more information on the event and to register, CLICK HERE.

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AIBD VP to attend 3D Basecamp.

“A group of whales is called a pod. When lions congregate, they’re a pride. Get several crows together and you’ve got a murder. So what’s the proper term for an assembly of SketchUppers? A Basecamp, of course.” That’s how the online registration page describes our nation’s premier destination for all things Sketchup. 3D Basecamp is the annual event where hundreds of the world’s most dedicated modelers will spend three days teaching, inspiring, and entertaining one another. Beginning one week from today, the event runs three days through Wednesday April 16th.

“3D Basecamp 2014 will be all about learning.” says AIBD Internal Vice President, David Pillsbury. “There will be training sessions for every SketchUp ability level. They’ll also have presentations and workshops from luminaries from all over the SketchUp universe.” David adds. The keynote speaker is Nick Lerodiaconou,  cofounder of WikiHouse, a non-profit project, developing digital fabrication hardware and software which is open and shared in the commons, owned by everyone. “I’m very interested in digital fabrication and how AIBD can better educate our industry on designing homes that are compatible with smart tools and methods.” Pillsbury reported to the MondayMINUTE.

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The AIBD Colorado Society is lined up and ready to work.

The AIBD Colorado Society is lined up and ready to work.

AIBDCO Volunteer Day this Friday.

The AIBD Colorado Society’s 2014 spring volunteer day is April 11th. They will be helping to build a home for one of the six families who currently have a projects under contraction with the Pike’s Peak Habitat for Humanity. Contact Society President Bernie Kern at President@aibdco.org for details of this and other upcoming events

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I Commit BannerMembership Drive update – 7 new members in first week; 3 societies reduce dues.

AIBD picked up 7 new members this past week; six new Professional members and one new Designer Student member. This brings the yearly total (July 1 to date) to three new associate recruits, 26 new students and 31 new professionals. “If we can keep up the numbers we had the first week of the drive, we will meet our goal of 100 new Professional members.” says AIBD Executive Director, Steve Mickley.

Substantial Dues Reductions!

The Florida, South Carolina and Washington Societies contacted the MondayMINUTE this  week to announce they have reduced the amount of their local membership contribution during the three month membership drive. For Professional members, Florida’s first year investment is now $425 rather than $520, South Carolina’s is $400, and Washington State will be $420 between now and June 30th.

New and Renewed Members:

During the membership drive application fees are waived, which means a savings of $45 to $70, depending on where you live. In addition, one new member will win a complimentary registration to the International Conference on Residential Design – AIBD’s Annual Convention in Columbus, Ohio; plus 50% off the already discounted hotel rate at the Hilton Columbus Downtown hotel.

Not a member? Claim your discount by joining today! CLICK HERE.


With each new member, you will be entered into a drawing taking place during the First Tuesday @ 2:00 webinar programs on May 6, June 3, and July 1, 2014. On each of the three programs, one $200 Visa gift card will be given away to someone who recruited a new member in the month or months before. In addition, you could win a $100 Amazon gift card just for signing up. That totals an opportunity to win $700.

Do you commit? simply fill out the form below and let the recruiting begin. CLICK HERE.


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A webinar on Friday.

  • Title: Using Technology to Work Remotely
  • Date and Time: Friday, April 11, 11:15 to 12:45 EDT

Join AIBD’s Executive Director, Steve Mickley, as he presents a live session at the American Design Drafting Association’s (ADDA) annual conference in Kansas City, MO. Steve will be reporting on studies performed by the AIBD revealing nearly half of the residential and light commercial building design businesses operate without any full time employees. Meanwhile, 40% are outsourcing some or all of their drafting. And more than half of the industry now offers or wants to offer services regionally, nationally or globally. He will answer the question, How is this all being done?

Open source and affordable software allows professionals to collaborate with other professionals and clients quickly and easily using smart phones, tablets and computers. Attend this session and learn what platforms are available, how to sell your clients and colleagues on the concept of working remotely and receive tips from an experienced virtual meeting host.

For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.

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This week in Columbus: The Best of the Prairies: The Westcott House.

Registration is now open for the AIBD Convention & iCORD conference is July 29 – August 1, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio: www.AIBDconvention.com


The Westcott House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1906. Construction began in 1906 and completed in 1908. The home had been subdivided into apartments over the years and in disrepair until rediscovered.  The Frank Lloyd Wright Conservancy and the Wetcott House Foundation acquired the property and completed restorations in 2005…

CLICK HERE, to continue reading the full blog post at www.AIBDcolumbus.com.

For more information about the iCORD, the AIBD Convention and to register, CLICK HERE.

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More events ahead.

    • April 11 – AIBD Colorado Volunteer Day, Pike’s Peak Habitat for Humanity
  • April 24 – AIBD Washington Spring Conference, Simpson StrongTie facility, Kent, WA
  • April 25-26 – AIBD Colorado Society Spring Conference in Lakewood, CO
  • July 29 – August 1 – AIBD National Convention & International Conference on Residential Design, Columbus, OH (Tentative)AIBD National Convention
  • August 2 – AIBD National Volunteer Day – Build furniture at the Furniture Bank in Columbus, OH.

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