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March 18, 2013. What’s happening @AIBD_National?

…New member recruitment is up 400%

AIBD has welcomed 41 new Certified and Professional members since July 1, 2012, which is 31 more than at this time last year.  The Florida Society is leading the nation as the top recruiter with 15.6% net Professional and Certified Member growth.

The Texas Institute of Building Design (TIBD), the AIBD’s Texas Society, has the highest number of new recruits – 12 –  yielding a current total of 112. Though this represents only a 10% increase in Certified and Professional members, Texas is leading the Institute in the total member growth column with 12%.

To view the March 15th membership report, CLICK HERE.

…Texas is awarded a 6th Delegate.

As a result of the TIBD’s growth beyond 100 Certified and Professional Members, the society has been awarded a sixth representative in the AIBD House of Delegates. Societies and the at large membership are allowed one representative for each 24 Certified and Professional members plus the society president.

March 15th is the date when each society’s representation is established on the House of Delegates for the next fiscal year. Unfortunately, Connecticut and Virginia have each lost one representative in the House for the coming year.

The AIBD fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. The House of Delegates is the body of voting members given all corporate authority over the management of the affairs of the corporation.

…A search for a convention site.

This week Steve Mickley, AIBD Executive Director, is visiting hotels in Newport and Providence, RI in search for a site to host the AIBD 2015 Annual Convention. Each winter, the House of Delegates chooses a convention city from a list provided by the Convention Site Selection Subcommittee. The AIBD staff then researches potential sites and reports to the subcommittee who makes the ultimate choice. To date, the House has chosen cities through the 2016 event.

  • July 15-18, 2013 – The Langham Hotel, Pasadena, CA
  • 2014 – Columbus, OH
  • 2015 – Rhode Island
  • 2016 – Vancouver, BC

…New student chapter guidelines.

It’s now easier than ever to start a new student chapter in your area. The Education Committee has completed its work on a step by step instruction booklet. Along with the guidelines, the committee has also announced a 20/20 goal – 20 AIBD student chapters by the year 2020.

Also new, with each student chapter a faculty adviser receives a free Educator membership.

To download the Student Chapter Brochure, CLICK HERE.

…More events ahead.

March 15 & 16 – NCBDC Exam in Clearwater, FL

April 4, 5 & 6 – AIBD Colorado Habitat work day, conference and tours.

April 19 & 20 – AIBD Florida Quarterly Meeting, St. Augustine, FL

April 25 & 26 – NCBDC Exam in Hartford, CT (Registration Deadline March 14)

May 3 – AIBD Washington’s Spring Conference, Kent, WA

May 4 – AIBD North Carolina Quarterly Meeting

May 6 & 7 – NCBDC Exam in Atlanta, GA (Registration Deadline April 6)

June 5 & 6 – NCBDC Exam in San Antonio, TX (Registration Deadline May 5)

June 7 – AIBD Northeast Quarterly Meeting, Gloucester, MA

June 21 & 22 – AIBD Florida Quarterly Meeting, West Palm Beach, FL

July 13 & 14 – NCBDC Exam in Pasadena, CA (Registration Deadline June 13)

July 15-18 – AIBD National Convention, Langham Hotel, Pasadena, CA

August 17 & 18 – NCBDC Exam in Washington, DC (Registration Deadline July 17)

August 24 – AIBD North Carolina Quarterly Meeting

September 5 – AIBD Northeast Quarterly Meeting, Devens, MA

October 25 & 26 – AIBD Florida Quarterly Meeting, Orlando, FL

November 16 – AIBD North Carolina Quarterly Meeting

December 5 – AIBD Northeast Quarterly Meeting

December 6 – AIBD Florida Organizational Meeting, Apopka, FL