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May 13, 2013. What’s happening @AIBD_National?


Jenny Pippin (3rd from right) is shown here with friends and clients who attended the awards luncheon with her.

…NC member recognized for environmentalism.

AIBD Certified Member Jenny Pippin was awarded the Achievement in Environmental Leadership Award by the Charlotte Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest Council. The eighth annual awards event was attended by more than 500 people and spanned two days. To commemorate the occasion, Ms. Pippin was presented a custom hand-made vase made by a local artisan with an engraved hanging crystal identifying the achievement. “I had no idea it was such a big think in Charlotte.” says Pippin. “The other winners were heavy hitters in our area and I am honored to have been chosen among them.” The other awards given were for community building & social capital, science, technology, engineering & math, healthy living, a Lifetime Achievement Award and a Young Woman of Distinction Award.

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ARDA Winner Logo…Accepting national design competition entries.

The American Residential Design Awards (ARDA) is the American Institute of Building Design’s premier award program exhibiting design excellence in the residential building industry. It spotlights some of the most creative and innovative building designers, builders, remodelers, architects, and interior designers in the nation. Every year, the awards program, sponsored by Hanley Wood’s ePlans magazine and File Genius, recognizes good design in custom luxury, builder’s models, pre-designed stock plans, remodeling, sustainability, and working drawings.

AIBD Annual Design Competition

For more than 50 years the AIBD has been hosting a “Members Only” design competition with various categories ranging from custom luxury homes, renovations, pre-drawn home plans, to working drawings and more. If you’re an AIBD Professional Member, the AIBD Annual Design Competition is the leading competition for you.

Decorative Concrete Awards

Beginning in 2012, this competition has honored the artistic use of exposed concrete in the interior and exterior, in residential and commercial, and in kitchens and baths. All designers, artisans, and suppliers are invited to enter the Decorative Concrete Awards, regardless of any association affiliation.

Assessable Living Awards

New in 2013, a major competition that recognizes the creativity, aesthetics and functionality of Universal, Visit-ability and Aging in Place design. Everyone in the industry is invited to enter your imaginative solutions and ideas into the Assessable Living Awards.

For more information and to enter:


Download the CATEGORIES


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…A webinar on selling pre-drawn house plans.

Join AIBD Corporate Member as they demonstrate how to expand your online publishing exposure and introduce you to a new way to communicate, promote and sell home plans online. This will benefit both Designers and business that are interested in offering home plans for sale over the internet. If you are interested in becoming a part of their team as a designer, a reseller or both, register for this webinar.

To register, CLICK HERE

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…First Tuesday’s copyright questions answered.

During last week’s First Tuesday @ 2:00 program on how to register your architectural works and technical drawings using the U.S. Copyright Offices eCO online process, our moderator received many questions which went unanswered due to time constraints.  Attorney Mitch Tuchman, who attended the presentation, reviewed each of the attendee’s messages and found that a majority fell into clearly recognizable categories, including what should I register, why should I register, when should I register, what are the benefits and limitations of registration, and what value does an attorney bring to the registration process?  Attendees also asked questions about sole and joint ownership of copyrights, works made for hire, and when are architectural plans or an architectural work deemed published?  Courts weighing issues of infringement often remind us that copyright jurisprudence is fact-based. Copyright law is not a decision tree: if A, then B; if B, then C or D.

To download the responses that reflect the circumstantial nature of copyright, CLICK HERE.

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…More events ahead

  • June 4 – AIBD California lunch presentation and membership meeting, Grand Horton Hotel, San Diego
  • June 5 – AIBD California dinner presentation, Grand Horton Hotel, San Diego
  • June 5 & 6 – NCBDC Exam in San Antonio, TX (Registration Deadline May 5)
  • June 7 – AIBD Northeast Quarterly Meeting, Gloucester, MA
  • June 21 & 22 – AIBD Florida Quarterly Meeting, West Palm Beach, FL
  • July 13 & 14 – NCBDC Exam in Pasadena, CA (Registration Deadline June 13)
  • July 15-18 – AIBD National Convention, Langham Hotel, Pasadena, CA
  • August 17 & 18 – NCBDC Exam in Washington, DC (Registration Deadline July 17)
  • August 24 – AIBD North Carolina Quarterly Meeting, Rock Hill, NC
  • September 5 – AIBD Northeast Quarterly Meeting, Devens, MA
  • October 25 & 26 – AIBD Florida Quarterly Meeting, Orlando, FL
  • November 16 – AIBD North Carolina Quarterly Meeting and Design Competition Awards, Lexington, NC
  • December 5 – AIBD Northeast Quarterly Meeting
  • December 6 – AIBD Florida Organizational Meeting, Apopka, FL

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