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March 30, 2015. What’s happening @AIBD_National?

Revised AIBD Bylaws and Book of Rules available online.

GovernanceOn Friday, January 23rd, 2015, the house of delegates, along with the board of directors, in Las Vegas, Nevada, voted to secure the future of the American Institute of Building Design. The approved meeting minutes and revised governance documents are available to all AIBD members within their account in the members only section of the AIBD website.

CLICK HERE to access the member center (On the left, the Corporate Documents tab will appear AFTER you log into your AIBD account).

This historic afternoon was aimed at making a more nimble AIBD, one that has the ability to embrace the rapidly changing design industry, and keep pace with what professionals, both young and old find important in supporting their careers as residential designers. Some of the significant changes include:

  • Aligning certain policies and procedures with 2012 changes in the Washington D.C. Code.
  • Giving all Professional Professional members the ability to vote for important issues, such as electing officers and board members, bylaws changes, and more.
  • Giving all Professional Professional members the opportunity to serve as an officer or director.
  • Reducing annual Professional member dues from $380 to $289.00.
  • Eliminating quarterly and semi-annual payments.
  • Dissolving the state societies and the house of delegates.
  • Increasing the size of the board of directors.
  • Designating the College of Fellows Chancellor and an NCBDC representative as board members.
  • Dissolving the Council of Publishing Home Designers.

CLICK HERE to access the member center (On the left, the Corporate Documents tab will appear AFTER you log into your AIBD account).


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Update on Illinois Senate Bill 1270.

The discussion on a bill in Illinois to license and regulate interior designers, assigned to the Licensed Activities and Pensions Committee on February 25th has been postponed.  Noting, last Friday Senate Rule 2-10 established a committee deadline of April 24, 2015. SB 1270 is being opposed by the AIBD according to a policy position adopted by the board of directors on March 4th. With their decision, the Institute become a part of a growing coalition of organizations opposed to the bill including the NKBA, the Illinois AIA, The Home Builders Association of Illinois, the Illinois code officials, and many more.

CLICK HERE for the full text of the bill. Information government

The coalition, lead by NKBA attorney Ed Nagorsky, still has major objections to the bill. Ed stated in an email to AIBD, “The third revision of the bill remains unclear, is unnecessarily restrictive, and creates a professional class that already exists—but is not controlled by the state.”

In addition, the coalition continues to be concerned about the description – Design Practitioner. All agree, there needs to be a description that won’t create confusion with the other design practice acts.

AIBD staff will continue to coordinate with the coalition leadership, contact those involved in the legislature and keep you informed. If you have any questions about this bill, contact Steve Mickley at 800.366.2423 or


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countour craftingHouses are now being printed. How will this change the industry?

Winsun, a Chinese company, reports that it has built ten houses with a 3D printer, and that was just in one day!  University of Southern California professor, Behrokh Khoshnevis has invented a giant 3D printer he says will print using concrete. He calls his technique “contour crafting.”

3D printing represents a sea change in the industry. Plans for 3D printed objects are commonly available online, often for free. With the technology, a user can print anything from extra plates for a dinner party to an entire chair, depending on the size of the printer and the amount of available materials. Hedwig Heinsman, co-founder Dus Architects in Amsterdam, says “As architects, maybe we eliminate ourselves because everyone can become a designer.”

Picture2Now, they can build houses. With advances in technology, it appears that Winsun was able to print 10 houses in a single day, at the cost of 5,000.00 USD per house.

For more information click the video link to the left.



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Nominations open for AIBD Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is the governing body of AIBD.  The board manages the affairs of the Institute and supervises its operations. More importantly, the Board of Directors has the commitment to help the Institute move toward its Mission and Vision by establishing and acting upon a Strategic Development Plan, setting up projects and programs, and coordinating task forces and committees.

Serving on the board is your opportunity to make a difference. As a leader, you have a platform to express your ideas about what AIBD should be and should do. More importantly, as a member of the governing body of AIBD, you are part of the vehicle of change.

As a board member, you bring your ideas to the table, speak up and take initiative. You work on what’s important to you, on projects that interest you, and where you can put your background and particular skills into action.

As a board member, you will attend monthly GoToMeetings during which the board members update each other on what’s going on. Be prepared to report, discuss, share opinions and ideas, and also to laugh. Board members meet face-to-face at the annual board meeting and member meeting, during the AIBD Convention. The personal interaction among AIBD members is something special and not to be missed.

Terms are one year, and the following are the positions and nominations to date:

  • President (David Pillsbury*)
  • Internal Vice President (Kevin Holdridge*)
  • External Vice President: (Karen Kassik-Michelsohn*)
  • Treasurer (Richard Emigh*)
  • Secretary (No candidate has been nominated)
  • Director (Chip Hudson*, Newell Cheatheam*, a total of 4 and up to 6 positions are available) 

* – Denotes the person is currently holding the position and they have been nominated by committee to serve a second term. Additional nominations may be made by two (2) Professional members, using the nominations link below.

Nominations for one candidate must come from two different members – one of which can be the candidate themselves. NOMINATIONS CLOSE APRIL 30, 2015.

A description of and requirements for these positions may be downloaded here.

CLICK HERE to access the online nominations form. Contact the AIBD national office if you would like a PDF version of the form to print and fill out by hand.


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More events ahead.

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Member renewal