December 12, 2011. What’s happening this week @AIBD_national?

…National office transition planning:

On Tuesday, AIBD Executive Director, Steve Mickley, is meeting with the Kellen Company in their Atlanta, Georgia, office. “The goal for Tuesday is to review the office transition plan and finalize a check list. The winter is a busy time for AIBD staff and we want to be ready to start the process immediately and move forward quickly once the agreements have been executed.” Says Steve.

Once complete, the AIBD office and present staff are proposed to be headquartered with Kellen in the National Press Building in Washington, DC. The accounting, human resources and meeting planning support will be housed in Atlanta. In addition to that office, Kellen staff support for public relations, building codes and regulatory issues will be located in New York. Potentially, access to an office in Chicago may also become available to the AIBD executive staff.

The Kellen Company has submitted a proposal to handle the general office management, accounting, meeting planning, code and regulatory, public relations and other core services as AIBD’s association management company. The proposal has been accepted by the AIBD Board of Directors and an agreement, drafted by Kellen, has been reviewed by the AIBD’s legal council. “Our attorney’s comments have been forwarded to the executives at Kellen. The entire board is in favor of this transition and looks forward to the possible opportunities the new arrangement can bring.” Said Dan Sater, AIBD President.

To learn more about Kellen, visit their website:


…AIBD looks for more ways to contribute:

On Thursday, Steve Mickley is meeting with NeighborWorks America in Washington, DC. NeighborhoodWorks America (NW) is a Congressional chartered nonprofit and one of the nation’s largest community development corporations. Steve is meeting to investigate how AIBD and its societies might contribute time and talents to assist NW in accomplishing its mission to create opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives and strengthen their communities.

This past July, some AIBD executives and staff arrived to the national convention a day early and assisted Grand Rapid’s Inner City Christian Federation (ICCF) by landscaping a new home offered for sale using a program similar to one offered by the many local foundations within the national network organized by NW. “Contributing somehow to each of the communities we visit is something I would like to see be a part of every national convention.” Is an objective proposed by External Vice President, Viki Wooster. In her position, Viki manages the planning and supervision of the national convention.

Like Habitat for Humanity, which uses primarily sweat-equity, NW programs use education-equity as a means for awarding their homes to deserving recipients. Potential homeowners entering the NW rent-to-own program are required to attend a curriculum of educational courses designed to prepare the tenants to become owners by providing pre-purchase and post-purchase training. Basically, NW trains its clients to become responsible homeowners and contributors to their community.

To learn more about NW and how your company and society can get involved, visit their website:


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