June 4, 2012. What’s Happening @AIBD_national?

The passing of a pioneer; HPMA & Hanley Wood meet to discuss featured plan sales; Designer’s Circle off and running; the NAHB Spring Board Meeting; and ghe TIBD 54th Annual Convention

First, Dates to remember:

Register for tomorrow’s First Tuesday @ 2:00 (p.m. ET) a monthly online roundtable discussion.

Registrations for the American Residential Design Awards are due by May 31. EXTENDED TO JUNE 8th! Receive more information and download a registration form at www.ResidentialDesignAwards.com

Texas Institute of Building Design’s annual convention is June 8-9 in San Antonio! For more information and to register: www.AIBDmember.org/TIBD.pdf.

The AIBD 2012 membership drive runs from now to June 30th. Earn discounts on dues by recruiting new members. New members avoid having to pay national initiation fees in May and June.www.JoinAIBD.org

The AIBD College of Fellows are accepting applications for two $1000 scholarships. Due June 30th, the applications for the College scholarship and the Annette Farmer scholarship are at https://netforum.avectra.com/eWeb/DynamicPage.aspx?Site=AIBD&WebCode=Scholarships

The AIBD National Convention is August 5-8 in Wilmington, NC. Info: www.AIBDconvention.com


…The passing of a pioneer.

Last week, W.D. “Bill” Farmer, FAIBD, passed away at the age of 83. W.D. Farmer was a pioneer in the stock home plan industry. Many homes around the Atlanta area, and the country, were built using his plans. He could drive through neighborhoods and identify the house plan number, built up and down most every street.

He was escorted to his final resting place by six distinguished AIBD members. Current and past Georgia Society presidents Sam Liberti, Ed Myers, Gary Baumgardner and David Kent were each pallbearers. In addition, current Georgia officer, Robert Clinton and AIBD national president, Dan Sater, also served. 

Last month, Bill celebrated his 34th year as an AIBD member, he is a member of the College of Fellows and was the inaugural recipient of the Designer of the Year Award, and as such, awarded his predecessors annually at the AIBD convention.

Bill was a great encourager and mentor to other AIBD members and industry professionals. Many personal accounts can be read on the AIBD LinkedIn group page.

He also was a loyal contributor to AIBD, both with his personal time and finances. In 2006, his wife passed away and he founded the Annette Farmer Memorial Scholarship in her honor. The $1000 scholarship is awarded to an AIBD Student member each year. Applications are due this month for the 2012 scholarship. 

Help keep the scholarship going by donating to the fund.

Read Bill’s obituary.


…HPMA & Hanley Wood meet to discuss featured plan sales.

Hillary Gottemoeller and Jennifer Pearce, Hanley Wood consumer publications division representatives, will be presenting to the current House Plan Marketing Alliance (HPMA) members to present a plan to feature AIBD/HPMA members prominently on their www.ePlans.com plan sales website, along with some of their other affiliated sites.

The HPMA is a council being formed within AIBD to  to unite, promote and protect the interests of its members, customers and the pre-drawn house plan industry, as well as create a forum for discussion between designers, publishers and affiliates.

HPMA members have free access to single, limited, and unlimited contract document language, arbitration and copyright documents, suggested notices to put on CDs, training on getting into stock plan sales, and more. The HPMA members involved now plan on having the Council formally adopted by the House of Delegates in August. Any membership started now will not expire until the end of August 2013. 

To download an application: www.AIBDmember.org/HPMAapp.pdf (AIBD Professional members receive a $275 discount)


…Designer’s Circle off and running.

The Designers Circle program is drawing attention in the media, and design professionals are taking notice. Membership has more than doubled to 2,900 participants in the past month.  Designers Circle, APA’s new and expanded web-based program for building and design professionals, was developed to provide a regularly updated information resource and forum for participating designers, architects, engineers, builders, and code officials.

To learn more about the Designers Circle, as well as Advanced Framing, the Carbon Challenge and other happenings at APA, join the First Tuesday @ 2:00 (2:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 5, 2012).

Subscribers to the program have access to a one-stop online resource center offering timely technical information and recommendations for wood frame construction, news updates, and an industry calendar of events. The site also includes links to a broad range of product and design recommendations from multiple sources. Educational opportunities, including the ability to earn continuing education credits through online training and webinars, are planned. Visit the website at www.apawood.org/DesignersCircle


…The NAHB Spring Board Meeting

Beginning Thursday, the National Association of Home Builders will be hosting their spring committee, council and board meetings in Washington, DC. AIBD has representatives serving on the NAHB’s CAPS Board of Governors, Codes and Standards Committee, and Design Committee. In addition to these meetings, AIBD Executive Director, Steve Mickley, and AIBD General Manager, Whit Peterson, will be attending Education Committee, Associate Member, Student Chapter, and Home Technology Alliance meetings, as well as the NAHB Board Meeting on Saturday.


…The TIBD 54th Annual Convention

The AIBD Texas Society invites you to join them for the Texas Institute of Building Design’s Annual Convention in San Antonio. Take advantage of this annual event as an opportunity to interact with fellow designers in educational sessions, meetings, tours and social events. You will leave the convention having renewed old friendships, gained new associations, and with continuing education credits needed to maintain professional membership status. For more information and to register, visit www.AIBDmember.org/TIBD.pdf.


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