March 12, 2012. What’s happening @AIBD_national?

….the Spring ICC IAC Meeting.

Today, the International Code Council’s Industry Advisory Committee meets in Washington, DC. The meeting agenda is available at “I’m interested mostly in the report on the scope of the IgCC with respect to residential (ICC 700) and ASHRAE 189.1.” Says AIBD Executive Director, Steve Mickley. He adds, “I’m also looking forward to the new business item, A Discussion of Education and Training Opportunities.” ICC’s head of training and certification, Dave Dufresne, has been invited to update the committee on the training activities ICC has planned. More importantly, he is there to discuss the potential for collaboration on education and training opportunities between IAC members/constituents and ICC. “I believe this is an area where there are tremendous opportunities for IAC members to collaborate with ICC and other organizations to bring value to those we represent while helping to foster a more educated and professional code enforcement community.” Says Ron Burton, IAC Chairman.


…website Development Presentations.

On Thursday, the AIBD Electronic Media Subcommittee will be interviewing three potential web development companies to redesign the AIBD, NCBDC and HPMA websites and integrate them all together. The subcommittee authored a Request for Proposals (RFP) in 2011 and in January seven companies were invited to participate. Five returned proposals and the subcommittee has asked three of them to provide more information and the opportunity for a visual presentation. The second round of interviews are scheduled one after the other throughout Thursday afternoon.


…the first NCBDC exam of 2012.

Six candidates will be taking the NCBDC Certified Professional Building Designer exam this Saturday and Sunday in Austin, Texas. Bruce Yancey, RID, AIBD, CPBD, NCBDC, ADDA(CD), SME is the examiner in charge while John Fought, CPBD, NCBDC VP and Janet Hobbs, CPBD, the TIBD President, will be on site overseeing the administration of the exam. The next scheduled exams in 2011 are:

  • March 25 & 26 in San Diego, CA (Application deadline has passed)
  • June 2 & 3 in Columbus, OH – application deadline is April 2
  • June 8 & 9 in Spokane, WA – application deadline is April 9
  • August 3 & 4 in Wilmington, NC – application deadline is June 2

For more information email, visit or call 1-888-726-7659.


…a look ahead to next week.

Friday & Saturday, March 23 & 24: AIBD California annual convention. Watch for more information to hit your inbox…Saturday’s educational portion of the event may be offered as live webinars.

Saturday, March 24: AIBD Ohio, Best Practices in the CAD Design Process and 3D Integration seminar.


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