March 3, 2014. What’s happening @AIBD_National?

FT@2 Logo SMALLA webinar on Tuesday.

DATE: Tuesday, March 4, 2014

TIME: 2:00 pm EST to 3:00 pm EST

Join us for the First Tuesday @ 2:00 (p.m. ET) and learn about the International Code Council’s cdpACCESS. What’s cdpACCESS? How can you as a design professional use it to get more involved in the code development process? Attend this session and have these questions answered, as well as take a tutorial on how to register and become a cdpACCESS user, learn what things ICC will be improving in the near future, and become more active in the development of America’s building codes.

This program is hosted by the American Institute of Building Design and our presenter is cdpACCESS Project Coordinator, Laurie J. Rich. Attendance is FREE for AIBD members and guests. Feel free to forward this invitation.

To register for this event, CLICK HERE.

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A NC-SC conference wrap-up.

NC-SC Webinar

Photo provided by NC President, Kevin Holdridge.

The 2014 NC/SC AIBD Conference and Trade Show was another great success due to the excellent planning efforts of each Society’s Board of Directors. Action items from last year’s event were evident with the review of the 2013 North Carolina design competition winners and the announcement that it will be open to South Carolina designers in 2014.  In 2013  the South Carolina Society was discussing publishing a magazine to publicize its members and create relationships with advertisers. This year the South Carolina Society proudly displayed the final product. “Carolina Design” is a great looking publication and many of the vendors present at the trade show were clamoring to become involved as advertisers.

The conference kicked off with a great seminar by Cabin Creek Timber Frames titled “Building Science – Tight Structures”. Joe Bell gave the attendees a wonderful 60 minute presentation that was very informative. After Joe wrapped up his discussions the attendees broke into an open space forum with the topics coming organically from the audience. Topics included: Offering 3D Designs, Social Media, Member expectations of AIBD National, Net Zero Homes, Energy Codes, AIBD Standard forms and publications. The participants shared a lot of great information during these discussions and a couple of action items resulted from these discussions. One item was to have a session next year where a lawyer will be invited to review individual contracts to be able to offer advice on revisions. Another action item was to review with the members all of the new features of the website.

Photo provided by NC President, Kevin Holdridge.

Photo provided by NC President, Kevin Holdridge.

During the networking dinner, sponsored by Smith Millwork, NC Society President shared with the group all of the results of the recent AIBD Mid-year session.  He also pointed out all of the publicity that AIBD and its members created at the IBS in Las Vegas this year by winning many BALA awards, including Phil Kean being recognized as Custom Builder of the Year as well as hosting the IBS Live Design Competition. Membership is only part of the conversation and it was announced that North Carolina had signed up 6 new members and South Carolina had signed up 4 new members leading up to the annual meeting.

Saturday morning started with a presentation from Energy Innovations during breakfast. Harry Boody spoke to members about the misconceptions and miscommunications that he has been experiencing between builders, designers, engineers, and building officials. It is very important to make sure that all of the trade partners are on the same page and keep an open line of communications to avoid code violation issues.  When breakfast wrapped up the group acted on it’s first action item. They reviewed all of the new website features and how to navigate the website as well as a preview of the new AIBD Community Forum.  Next Jenny Pippin, Jan Enright, Ben Johnson, Paul Cole, and Kevin Holdridge presented 60 design ideas in 60 minutes to a full house of attendees. Following this presentation was the Business track seminar “How to protect your assets” by Attorney Robert Newkirk. He discussed with the group all of the different types of business that could be set up as well as the advantages and pitfalls for each. This was a very informative session and business owners left with myriad things they can do to improve their individual business’. GemROI sponsored the lunch that followed this presentation and then Paul Cole hosted the “Preparing for the Certification Exam” class which was attended by several of our newer members.

The trade show on Saturday night was very well attended and included over 20 vendor participants, some new and some longtime supporters. The trade show included Pella Windows and Doors, Smith Millwork, Weyerhaeuser, Windsor Windows and Doors, NuCedar Mills, Trex, Smart Vent, Schluter Systems, Simpson Fasteners, Huber Engineered Woods, Foam2Seal, GemROI, Anderson Window and Doors, Energy Innovations,  Shwinco, Marvin Windows and Doors, Velux, USP Structural Connectors, Viwinco, Quick Tie Systems, Residential Elevators, The Tapco Group. There were a couple other vendor companies that attended the event and committed to be full participants next year.  The vendor participants had approached many of the board members to thank them for such a great event, for specifying their products, and for giving them such a great avenue to network with local residential designers, architects, and builders.

Wrapping up the annual conference the NC and SC Society Board of Directors discussed tentative dates and locations for upcoming quarterly events as well as this year’s Design Competition. They spoke with our educator members on how to improve our relationship with them and will be working with The National Education Committee on upcoming programs. It was also announced to the board members that  Architect Sam Guidry and small business owner Quentin Ramseur turned in North Carolina Professional Member applications and a couple of South Carolina potential members left the event with applications. There was a tremendous buzz of excitement surrounding this event and many of the attendees said that the last couple of years they have left this event with a reinvigorated passion for what they do.  Members enjoyed the mix of open space technology and education sessions and all left with something to help them succeed in their respective businesses.

This week in Columbus: aus Deutschland .

AIBD Convention & iCORD conference is July 29 – August 1, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio

“With its historic brick streets, beautiful architecture and fine restaurants, German Village has always been one of [Columbus’] great neighborhoods.” – Mayor, Michael B. Coleman

Just south of downtown Columbus, is a charismatic village originally settled by German immigrants in the 1800’s. By 1830, the village had expanded to meet the demands of nearly one third of Columbus’ population. But due to prohibition and two World Wars, the once booming south end became a ghost town by the mid-1900’s. It wasn’t until the creation of the German Village Society in 1960, that the village became a story of preservation and rehabilitation.

Today, the area is known for its extensive use of brick for buildings, streets, sidewalks, and alleyways. And coupled with the unique limestone stoops, wrought-iron fences and window boxes, every street offers a new perspective for the passerby.

CLICK HERE, to continue reading the full blog post at

For more information about the iCORD, the AIBD Convention and to register, CLICK HERE.

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More events ahead.

  • April 2-4 – AIBD California Annual Conference, Skyline College, San Bruno, CA
  • April 24 – AIBD Washington Spring Conference, Simpson StrongTie facility, Kent, WA
  • July 29 – August 1 – AIBD National Convention & International Conference on Residential Design, Columbus, OH (Tentative)AIBD National Convention
  • August 2 – AIBD National Volunteer Day – Build furniture at the Furniture Bank in Columbus, OH.

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