September 9, 2013. What’s happening @AIBD_National?

…A specialty siding webinarTapcoGroup_preview

Thursday, September 12th.

What is Specialty Siding? This product category is unfamiliar to many design professionals. Please join us for an online seminar and we will define and discuss how specialty siding is differentiated from traditional siding. You will learn how correct standards and test methods should be added into your specification. We will discuss how proper installation techniques can provide your clients with an exterior cladding that will stand the test of time. By the conclusion of this presentation you will have an independent methodology for differentiating between material composition and product quality of different specialty siding.

This presentation is hosted by the American Institute of Building Design and presented by AIBD Corporate Member and CE Provider The Tapco Group. Attendance is FREE for AIBD members and guests, however, registration is still required.

CLICK HERE to register.

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…VSI offers free Designing Style download

Award-winning Designing Style: A Guide to Designing with Today’s Vinyl Siding is a valuable reference tool filled with information, inspiration and insight. developed in collaboration with experienced architects, building designers, builders and vinyl siding manufacturers, this helpful guide showcases popular architectural styles and shows how to bring each to life with the lasting beauty of durable vinyl siding, architectural trim and accessories.  Click to review sample pages of Designing Style.

Now available in three formats:

Request your copy of Designing Style today!

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Coffee Chat…Coffee Chat starts this Friday!

Starting this Friday, AIBD Executive Director Steve Mickley will begin hosting a weekly series of “Coffee Chats,” a 45 minute informal online exchange of ideas. This week’s topic is open. Do you have questions about business? Do you work alone and could use some collaboration? Bring up any topic related to our industry. Coffee Chat starts at 7:45 AM and is available in three time zones. AIBD members can sign into Coffee Chat FREE – non-members can slide for a couple of weeks, then the pressure to join AIBD will be turned up greatly. 🙂

Download the Outlook meeting info that best fits your schedule. Space is limited to 25 participants.

BTW, the log in info is the same for all three Coffee Chat sessions, only the times change. Also, the log in information stays the same from week to week. If you need the log in info sent directly to you, contact Steve Mickley directly by writing

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…Stopping ARBs from blocking Building Designers.

The next big turn in chipping away at our exemptions have come in the form of private communities rewriting their Architectural Review Board covenants and guidelines. Certified Member Sam Liberti in Bluffton, SC, reports, in the past six months many ARB’s in his region have rewritten their guidelines to allow only licensed architects to practice in their plantations or subdivisions. “It does not matter if I had been previously designing there.” Liberti wrote to the MondayMINUTE.

The good news is, at least one community in the Bluffton area, Hampton Lake, has included Certified Professional Building Designers as approved design professionals in their covenants. Throughout the U.S., AIBD and its state societies have gotten their foot in the door with other prestigious communities, such as PGA National in Florida and The Woodlands in Texas. Possibly, the timing is right for AIBD to step further through the door.

The AIBD needs your help finding and following these communities! 

Under the private land use law, these areas can write their own guidelines and “write out” building designers as long as they do not break the discrimination law. The right to work law does not apply in these cases. Liberti suggests we, “Keep in touch with the ARB’s where you practice and with past clients. Know when the guidelines will be rewritten so at least you, your local AIBD society and the National Office may have an opportunity to speak in your behalf.”

“There are approximately 300,000 homeowner associations in the United States. Collectively, this represents over 40 million households or 53% of the owner occupied households in the America.” AIBD Executive Director Steve Mickley points out. “I believe this is a great opportunity for AIBD.” According to, 70% of those 300,000 associations are managed by millions of homeowner volunteers that serve on their community boards and committees.

If you have contact information for any or all of the private communities in your area, please forward that information to your society leadership or to the AIBD National Office by writing “Our first step is to take inventory.” says Steve. “Next, let’s equip our societies with the resources they need to help inform the millions of part-time amatuer property managers there is an alternative before the architectural community has the chance to convince them otherwise.”

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…Oregon inspection regulation changes.

On September 1, Oregon adopted a rule allowing individuals employed by a municipality administering and enforcing a building inspection program to review and approve certain “simple permit” applications related to one- and two-family dwellings and plans made available under Senate Bill 582 (2013). These employees must utilize a division approved checklist when reviewing a “simple permit” application. This rule does not create any new exemption items from review.

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…More events ahead.

  • September 21 – AIBD Washington End of Summer Social, Renton, WA
  • September 26-28 – AIBD Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO
  • September 28 – AIBD Alabama, Birmingham, AL
  • September 27 & 28 – NCBDC Exam in Austin, TX (Registration closed)
  • October 12 – AIBD California visit to the National Solar Decathlon – Irvine, CA
  • October 13 – AIBD California Rendering Workshop & Evening Reception, Carlsbad, CA
  • October 24 & 25 – NCBDC Exam in St. Francisville, LA (Must apply & register September 30)
  • October 24, 25 & 26 – AIBD Florida Quarterly Meeting, Orlando, FL
  • October 25 & 26 – AIBD Louisiana/Mississippi Joint Convention, St. Francisville, LA
  • November 16 – AIBD North Carolina Quarterly Meeting and Design Competition Awards, Lexington, NC
  • December 5 – AIBD Northeast Quarterly Meeting
  • December 6 – AIBD Florida Organizational Meeting, Apopka, FL
  • (2014) February 6 & 7 – AIBD National Mid-year Meeting, Las Vegas, NV

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